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Shanghai Shenfeng Institute of Novel Geological Techniques Co., Ltd. founded in January 1989, August 2002 restructuring to become Ltd, an independent legal entity, is one of the national industry standard "urban engineering geophysical" (CJJ 7-2007) preparation units. Strong technical force, professional, knowledge structure diverse, with high, intermediate engineering and technical staff of 30 people. There Engineering professor, more than enjoying government allowances of experts, specializing in geophysical engineering, coal seismic exploration, petroleum exploration, geophysical and geochemical comprehensive research and prospecting. 

The company has: 

"ISO9001: 2000 Quality Management System Certification" (ID: PRC001593); 

"Accreditation measurement certificate" (Certificate No.: 2010090375R); 

"High-tech Enterprise Certificate" (uniform number: GR200831000933); 

"Geophysical exploration Class certificate" People's Republic of China Ministry of Land Resources (ID: 01200811500251); 

"Engineering geophysical level of qualification certificate" A (special) class (ID: 09202); 

"Science and technology business certificate" issued by the Shanghai Science and Technology Commission (ID: Yellow Branch No. 026). 

The company has the world's most advanced, produced by the American SI S-Land fully digital high-density seismic data acquisition system 1296, may be two-dimensional and three-dimensional seismic data acquisition. 

The company developed a mechanical shock epicenter reflecting record high SNR can be obtained in the exploration depth of less than 300m. 

The company integrated development of the "all-digital Chemical Cheng Shuangyuan surface wave data acquisition and analysis system" is very lightweight, multi-channel transient surface wave exploration and prospecting fretting.