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Classic project

Classic project

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Geophysical Department Highlights
Part of the company's commitment to complete the project are: 
A city Geological Survey 
1 three-dimensional geological structure of the city of Hangzhou seismic exploration survey 
Seismic exploration and activity 2 Shanghai Road Elevated Highway Survey fault line selection 
3 SXC seismic exploration and active fault survey 
4 Jiangsu Yancheng - Nanyang shore buried fault investigation 
5 Jiangsu Liyang area buried fault seismic exploration 
6 Xuzhou City shallow artificial seismic active fault detection 
7 Suzhou shallow seismic active fault detection 
Second, the seismic safety evaluation 
1 Hangzhou Metro Project shallow seismic exploration 
2 Beijing-Shenyang Passenger Dedicated Railway Engineering (set up test) geophysical 
3 Linfen urban active fault detection and seismic hazard assessment project detailed exploration phase seismic exploration 
4 Wuxi Maxell Golden Mile Island project site seismic safety evaluation 
5 Mu Sui line geophysical exploration project 
6 "Congo (Brazzaville) Noire 'waters and undulating bedrock depth probe 
7 Yixing Cloud Lake hotel project site seismic safety evaluation 
8 Nantong RunHua International Center project site seismic safety evaluation 
9 Jiangyin Chengxi Shipbuilding Engineering R & D Center building site seismic safety evaluation 
10. Zhejiang Shengsi haven breakwater blast testing and evaluation of seismic intensity 
Third, mineral resources survey 
1 Anhui Mingguang gypsum mine seismic exploration 
2 Anhui Mingguang Sue Lane seismic exploration mining 
3 Anhui Dingyuan salt area seismic exploration 
4 Neimeng Xilin Gelewu Bennett coal seismic exploration 
5 Qitaihe coal seismic exploration 
6. four, coal mined-out area of seismic exploration 
7 Inner Mongolia Erdos local coal mine goaf distribution of Geophysical Prospecting 
Seismic exploration technology research 8 Yulin Shenmu korshinskii tower burned area Ida Gob survey 
9 Yangcheng County, Shanxi village underlying goaf survey 
10. off Baita Town Xingtai City Gob Iron Ore Concentrator Geophysical Prospecting 
11 Lee County, Shanxi Heshun Town Village goaf after investigation 
12 overlying the coal pyrite Lingshi County Gob probe 
13 five, and three-dimensional seismic exploration coal Tianer Wei 
14 Shenmu Ken Tieling Majiata Township Village, donkey Tan leaving in safety pillars physical detection range 
15. dimensional surface mine east Lundbeck Well first mining area in Shanxi Fenxi Mining (Group) Co., Ltd. seismic exploration 
16. Fuyuan County, Yunnan Province of Sindh first coal mining area three-dimensional seismic exploration test 
17 Guanyin Mountain in Yunnan prestige first coal mining area three-dimensional seismic exploration test 
18.-rich coal mining area in Yunnan Fuyuan River three mines, four mine-dimensional seismic exploration 
19 Coal Industry Co., Ltd., Guizhou generous Xiaotun coal mining area of seismic exploration test 
20. Fuyuan fill two wooden exploration area rich in coal mine section D seismic exploration Mine 
21. comprehensive exploration of Tongchuan City Hongrunfeng mine expansion area