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Invite the East rostrum Professor Du Yanmin counseling to learn the spirit of the party's 18

For further study on publicity and implement the party's eighteen big spirit, to unify the ideas of the employees to the spirit, the party's 18th January 18, 2013 in the afternoon, the Shanghai party invited ShenFeng geological application of new technology research institute co., LTD. The huangpu district party committee party school, Oriental forum Du Yan professor min in company conference room for learning the eighteenth big mental counseling project report.
In lasted more than two hours of coaching report, publicity and implement the party's du from 18 big mental requirements, 18 report of frame structure, main content, a comprehensive grasp the profound grasp the report spirit of the eighteenth three aspects to interpret the eighteenth big spirit.The coaching report outstanding theme, view and bright, close to the actual, language humor, passion.All the participants focus, with interest, du earnestly listen to the report.All the comrades to 18 great spiritual understanding with further improve, to 18 big development blueprint has been clear about the picture of the future direction, widened the field of vision, inspired the morale, clear responsibility, uplifting the spirit.
Du also combine the development the present situation of our company, to longly encourage young students to broad ideal, the development of the enterprise and individual career planning organically, hard work, contributing to society.Finally, du is also the participants concerned about social hot and difficult problems of the interactive communication with you.Atmosphere of the venue, participants gain a lot.
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