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Construction project occupational disease hazard pre-assessment, control effect assessment

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According to the national "occupation disease harm to prevention, combining prevention with control" principle, "the people's Republic of China occupation disease prevention law" and relevant laws, regulations and the possible occupation disease harm of the "new, expansion,renovation construction projects and technological transformation, technology introduction project, must carry on the occupation disease in the feasibility study preliminary evaluation of the harm in the stage, construction project completion and acceptance, the construction unit shallevaluate the control effect of occupation disease harm."

Company qualification certificate of Shanghai occupation health technical service award "by the Shanghai Municipal Health Bureau in July 20, 2011" (occupation health B grade A), for the vast number of enterprises to provide new, alteration, expansion of construction project projectoccupation hazard pre evaluation, evaluation of control effect.

Manufacturer of various types of new construction, renovation, expansion and construction projects occupational hazardsexist in the workplace.
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People's Republic of China Occupational Disease Prevention Law
Project occupational hazard Assessment Technical Guidelines》GBZ/T196-2007
Control of Occupational Hazards Project Evaluation Technical Guidelines》GBZ/T197-2007
Standard Design of Industrial Enterprises》GBZ1-2010
Workplace Hazardous Occupational exposure limits Part I: chemical harmful factors》GBZ2.1-2007
Workplace Hazardous Occupational exposure limits Part II: physical factors》GBZ2.2-2007


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