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Factory boundary noise monitoring

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In accordance with the provisions of the relevant national environmental protection laws and regulations by the state and local governments, and environmental standards, enterprises in the production process of waste gas, waste water, and other waste material must be up to standard of noise at boundary of emission and disposal in accordance with the regulations.In addition, according to the current law to the social life of noise on the obligation of emissions regulations, standard of commercial cultural entertainment and commercial activities of the equipment and facilities that might produce environmental noise pollution rules on the boundary noise emission limits and measurement methods, the company can also be carried out for the general social activities noise emission monitoring social life.
Shanghai institute of ShenFeng geological application of new technology, has passed the certification of CMA measurement, can provide customers with industrial noise detection.
Measurement noise (see detailed company certification chart) :
Factory environment and social environment noise
Detection on the basis of:
The environmental protection law of the People's Republic of China "and relevant laws and regulations
The emission of environmental noise within the boundary of industrial enterprises "GB12348-2008
The emission of environmental noise within the social life GB22337-2008
Other relevant national standards
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